Other concepts are also associated with this north and south distribution. Whether being carried to or from the sea, Aphrodite and Eros bear this mark. Whether by the river Euphrates, Typhon, present from Aphrodite’s womb which bore the mark of his first mortal resting place, the last on of Gaia, who, in love with Tartaros, bore the most terrible after being cast from heaven, chases the mother and son, the one that stayed closer to the womb after birth, and they leapt into the ocean as two fish, not to be separated by the current a chain that binds them, but a different chain that is not present when Aphrodite is born of the sea foam stirred by the castrated testicles of Uranus, by Cronos, by aid of the Ichyocentaur, the symbol of man, the fish, the horse, the age of which you now reside, from the first century to one close to your present, when the man who ignited the first dawn of this time, a Piscean himself, will return, on either side of the rope that ties them, either a thousand years of peace or the nightfall of the thousand years you have already witnessed, under the eyes of saint peter, a Piscean, the fish, chimera of the ancients. You may cross the line introverted – northern hemisphere – or extroverted – southern hemisphere – being or appearance, inner or external life, reflection or action, dreaming one’s life or living in one’s dream.

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