Of all the parks for miles the tree on the shoulder of the west road of the intersection is the tallest, taller than all the buildings, cranes and social centres.

Of all the institutions the hospital the largest, the entirety of the event possible from behind its walls. Despite being the largest they have no memory of being the smallest, this is helpful in order to stay good, and also to look good. Neither must introduce themselves by name or appearance, which is useful if one wishes to repeat things many times and does not wish to act out of character. However they are of a different sort and feel no need to have any empathy for characters that would act as such. When the wind blows all of the trees and bushes of this field clap their hands, the branches high above the people are now often seen. The sky, never quite clear, and the noise, constant, diminish people’s curiosity of their surroundings. High above them, though, as is often observed, the branches do sway.

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