The Tall Man is a sick man and The Tall Man is a tall man. His tallness allows him to see above most things in crowds, this is helpful when witnessing something at a crowded event. The tall man is able to see many things; his height places him in a position of respect and authority. Seeing many things first, events are first witnessed by him before they are told to others.

The Tall Man was a sick man. The Tall Man was a sick man who also was susceptible to periods of bad health and self-effacement, his dreams sometimes lucid, often horrific, could outwardly disturb him throughout the day. With characters in the form of those familiar, all of whom he knew with similar intimacy, all with the intimate detachment of a sick man, he was mostly composed of. His advice prenatal, fragile also, words from wounds of which there was seemingly no origin and little in the way of explanation. Of congruous age, he travelled without much happenstance and conducted himself well. Sensibly dressed for the weather he could stand for a long time and offered his seat on public transport. He was decent in this way.

The Tall Man was a sick man but his sickness was one of a lack of spirit, or definition. In character, his sickness modified and carried his actions. He was sick before life could impart any serious wisdom to him. His wisdom was one of experience, the actions heard, an experience that had hitherto been shaped and modulated by his sickness. The man’s sickness was not his problem. It is in this way that The Tall Man was a sick man.

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