Sight i

A woman reports to the local paper about hearing noises in the night coming from the hills and quarry. She claims to have seen small lights blinking in the distance, though at the time put this down to hikers, or maybe a police search. Not hearing anything on the radio the next day relating to the occurrence she decides to walk to the quarry and investigate the scene herself. This is when the body of a young adult male was found atop one of the slag heaps. The woman reported that the body was covered in scratches, claw like marks as she recalled, but on further investigation no biological evidence was found that suggested foul play.

Reports from two remote locations give details about a strange object appearing in the sky to which they were alerted to by a dull humming sound. The first witness claims that they believed it to be an issue with the grid outside (they give reports of electrical dimming in the house though this is not registered by the company) and therefore the strange electric/organic sound. A single cloud had hovered overhead, others say, with fine trails of vapour emanating from it like an airport in the sky, others say, a single star falling from the sky, heading north, the fear of the fires overtaking the land that remains, the meteor braking the arctic shelf, the synthetic clouds that rained down on the earth, others said later. Both direct reports claim to have seen a balloon like object but one not fully inflated, not a hot air balloon they stress. One of the witnesses likened the material of this balloon to the skin of the roof of the mouth if it is burnt and is pulled away, like when eating pizza.

The woman continues to research the event independently and on several occasions tries to contact the authorities to share her information. Reports are taken but nothing much is thought about the findings and she is left to her devices. There is some worry for her as her emotions begin to become frenzied and calls to the department are received at erratic times. There are discussions of how to aid the woman but one day the communication suddenly halts. She is contacted and seems in fine spirits. The matter is forgotten until some weeks later she returns to visit the department to apologise for any trouble caused and assures the authorities it will not happen again, a new life has entered her body, the old one was becoming increasingly paranoid and seriously jeopardised the woman’s quality of life.

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