The Intersection joins an A road and a through road that connects an urban borough to the centre of the city. It is a busy junction that serves many cars and buses navigating the city. However, due to its proximity to the centre of the city, and a centre of activity, commercially, for the area, few cross-national transport services travel along its roads. Its traffic is primarily suburban. There is a strong foreign feeling to the space.

On its south side, one road is shouldered by a sparsely populated public park, the rear of one of many satellite buildings of the largest college hospital in the area. Of trees there are few but of those that are present one reigns over the others, to some this has special significance. Closest to the west road it rises above the houses and commercial residences, much older than all that are present. The grass is flat and bare as it is in its topographic representation.

There are many shops serving food, tobacco and alcohol. The intersection was once the location of the area’s unemployment centre, the area now slowly changing, the pavements equidistantly surrounding the intersection at grade are very large. This is the state of affairs.

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