A strong emotion is generated in The Tall Man when he witnesses the treatment of The Horse Girl by the eldest woman. A set of two distinct types whose Venn centre is the centre of the event. The empathy may be generated by The Tall Man’s witnessing of The Horse Girl’s reclining form, her body, already distorted by problems that are medical, cowering away from her parent. In amongst the bodies of the crowded intersection hers is the one he has singled out, something about its gait poignant enough, in relation to his own emotions, to draw his attention. Leaning against the bus stop, his head low, some begin to think that perhaps The Tall Man in some way feels inside what The Horse Girl looks like from outside. There are many who have watched The Tall Man prior to the event that share this thought, after having watched him at the bus stop, for a long period of time, not moving much, solitary, tall and thin, aged but not of his age, his clothes seeming as though wet, his skin both pock marked, welted, dry and yet greasy, the skin looking as though it is alive, not covering the body but at parts trying to escape it, at parts the skin accepting its position and resting its sweet sickly self on the tall sickly man.

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