—What the fuck?
—I know. Sam said
—Where did you get this?
—I don’t know, it was in the house, I think it’s Johns’.
—Why the fuck would he have this?
—I don’t know, maybe he got it outside or something.
—Is she in a studio or…?
—It looks like it, I think they’re like big curtains, like it’s a show or something.
—I don’t think it’s a show, there’s only a box.
The picture had a thin white border along which Kerin smoothed out the dog eared edges with his thumb and forefinger, some parts were slightly faded but it had never been folded. A naked woman laid on her side across a small platform. The raised area was covered in the same red silk like material that hung in the background. She looked towards the photographer with one hand on her hip. Beside her was a disinterested goat. The picture was taken at a forty five degree angle to the stage and from this angle the majority of the goat’s torso was visible, occupying the background, it’s head near the woman’s back. The goat was wearing a black collar from which a very short chain hung.
—Do you think there are more like this?
—I don’t know, this is the only one I found.
—Maybe it’s part of a film.
—Yeah, that’s what I thought.
—Do you mind if I lend it?
—I don’t know, I just wanted to show it to people.
—Yeah well don’t tell anyone where you got it. I’ll have a look and see if there’s any others next time they’re out.
—Maybe he’s got like a collection.
—Yeah, maybe.
The woman’s figure was full and curved, her skin had no blemishes, but her legs were thin and frail, history tended to go back further than Kerin thought. She looked at the camera with the same indifference as the goat but hers was more serene, understanding.

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