In the spring of the fifth season a peculiar sensation was noticed on the water of the Phoenician tidal formation. This sensation of light brought attention to strange patterns in the water and experts were invited to study the scene. Due to the extremely high cost of sending a reconnaissance group to investigate most analysis was done remotely, the oceanographers, biologists and archaeologists taking residence in nearby coastal towns.

It was at the height of the equinox, on the dawn of the first day of nine quarters, that experts from each location noticed the sun catch its hook on the subtlest of intrusions on the coastal pattern, and a shadow as thin as a wisp to strike its way across the water to the coast where its broadening path eclipsed the farm of true east.

On observation of this strange phenomenon data was sent to the eastern Six City state where it was decided reconnaissance may bring back profitable information and the necessary crew and equipment flown over. Dive time in the area was limited to twenties minutes due to the unknown composites in the water following the Gogur disaster. What was discovered in this time, however, has provided enough material for a far larger project.

The cause of the spectacle was discovered to be the spire of a building, the remnants of which stand around thirty feet tall. Miraculously this is the largest and most intact of all the structures below the water, little else remains in the square in which it sits. The total structure occupies around a seventy by forty foot radius in which there sits the remains of what is believed to be a public square or meeting place. The relative obscurity and modesty of the build leads to the assumption that it was designed for an equally modest people who travelled to this mount - research of the surrounding areas was not possible due to the sharp drop around the structure.

What became most impressive was the discovery of hundreds of graven images. These caches were found all across the site, contained within domes of a synthetic clear material around three inches in length by two by two. Liquid is contained inside these astral domes, encased within a representation of the building with spire, giving us what we believe is, in matching the representation with the surviving supports, an accurate image of the location before its demise. Those that came to this site seemed to be greatly interested symmetry and opposing forces. When the dome is agitated a fine white synthetic dust is swirled about the scene representing the weather sometimes seen at the poles, despite a representation of the sun behind the spire. The most miraculous discovery took place weeks later when data supplied by the big three showed that years earlier the site had been surveyed with the intention of creating a farm that would float above the ocean using the mount below as anchorage, though this idea was later given up in favour of the much more easily accessed coastal property GLD – 0f4.

Folklorists and surviving literature from the area often references star ages, and the memorandum discovered serving tribute to the north star. Some experts who observed the first elliptical phenomenon have spoke about profound emotion they gleaned from the experience, but following investigations have discovered little to no data on the event, it being repeatable, provable, if it ever happened at all.

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