The three women continue to visit the same hospital at a similar frequency. Following the incident the girl’s stomach pains/cramps subsided then became worse for a short time, but as the weeks went on they returned to their unprompted and uncorrelated appearances and the eldest woman continued make what was writ. For a brief period of time the attention of the eldest turned to their economic position, their means that were pained due to the majority of their money coming from her state approved income, the other two unbalanced providers, the eldest desiring her own money to ‘Actually be at peace for once’, and the eldest daughter also found solace in this. But the peace returned back to a flat harmony in which the women settled their nature, and the distant chorus that plagued them that ‘I mean, never stops. If the doctors wont sort it out then its some drunk in the street you cant take two steps from’. Between falling to the ground and the long wait in hospital The Tall Man’s hands had removed her illness, placed it with some wordless longing which had hitherto been balanced between the silence of the three women. Shattering them for that moment the pains were simply a function over which she had no control (were hers entirely) and no interest. Slowly, over time that he spent waiting in his own home through the infrequent whines of the three women stubbed at different pitches, The Tall Man soon fell with the joy of burden; not long before the foreign warmth disappeared from his face and hands and he returned to a pattern of the old stability, similar to the force that had caused the eldest woman to ‘Go on holiday and we end up here. We fly out and it’s not two days before I’m back in a hospital. I never go anywhere without being here’. The doctors with their concern about the assault that they were assured was taken care of, the eldest daughter, ‘Spotted as a target, she’s slow you see?’ Back to the small dosages of medicines, advice about diet and health and the eldest woman’s faith that the problem was inside her, that she would ask for the surgery, that, regarding why this had not taken place, she had no idea.

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