They had been living among one another for quite some time. A taller, more slender race, who it was very easy to gaze up at and get lost marvelling at the body that stood before you.

'Justice cannot be served to these people, justice is dealt with private hands, and they were often far too tall.' Not freakishly so, reports were often exaggerated, and people would often associate with them on the estate on the mount where they lived, it was never too foreign. This was a private community but no access was denied to visitors, simply just a reason or recommendation of visit was asked for, and the residents never overtly reluctant to appease desires. They got along well with people, and enjoyed their company.

Vegetation was sparse on the mount and they lived without much animal or plant life. They were fine with this. They found little pleasure in its intricacies and much preferred the company of people, their simplicity, and the beauty of naked skin.

So they climb. The shadow from the great mount cast only on the path on which he walks as the sun passes the afternoon and finds itself horizontal with the peak, the scattered homes and roads below shielded only from the gaze of one another and the earth scorched there so that no type of animal may pasture.

He hears, or has heard, various, and somewhat incessant, stories about the hill. This is where man first touched his foot on the earth. This is where the angels chose as their home. This is where the bodies of the gods first met with the bodies of the people. This is where the people taken from their beds, eyes heavy with sleep, and brought to be alleviated of their troubles for a short while. He took this journey in spite of this and to spite this.

He hadn’t drunk much this day, most plastics in the house had corroded passed the point of recommended use, and a headache developed around his forehead. This was exacerbated by his choice of shoes. He felt he generally shouldn’t be making this trip though he accepted it as his punishment. He was tired.

He didn’t count the hours. Sleep had been a trouble, not getting to sleep but the act itself, and he was haunted by several experiences he hadn’t had. She had told him that he would wake up in the night, occasionally, sit upright and not say a word, though sometimes this would only be brief. Other nights she would be woken startled as he thrashed and screamed. She didn’t mind, she did, it was just the shock, but there was some fear in it. You are in bed with a different person at that moment. He couldn’t remember being there and his dreams had been far more pleasant.

Other times he did remember it, and most of those times she didn’t. Other times he would wake in anachronous times when people were moving around the house, only able to breath very shallow, totally unable to move his body. The family moving around the house but there were also additional figures that he couldn’t account for. These were those figures just out of sight.

He had dreamt he was touched by royalty. He lay, almost unconscious, as their hands moved over him. And he had dreamt he was separate from his body, that these ghosts held him down, that his waking period was brief but they knew him, their hands moved over him and found his body simple, excluded from divine gifts that allow the animal to fulfil itself.

He stopped to squeeze his forehead between his thumb and forefinger and to stretch his toes inside of his shoes. This was no great journey but he took it in spite.

He reached the top of the gradual incline and the ground smoothed to a large plateau. He hoped not to see her immediately, to catch his breath and compose himself so as not to be easily irritated. He found a wall tall enough to lean against and hide his figure from the square and squatted by this wall. He had dreamt about his desire running freely. It was a society in which he could pass through objects and their shape massage his tissue deeply. He chased after a single figure that promised him something, and the promise was so great he didn’t question what it actually was. His whole mind was occupied with this and he rubbed at his groin and almost choked on his saliva, coughing and spluttering, which only made the headache worse, albeit only for that brief moment following. He made the journey in spite as the reward was already his, promised to him, to appease the lack he couldn’t account for.

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