Hemisphere ii

The predominance of planets in the eastern hemisphere of your chart enables you to assert yourself and thereby rely on the aid of others: you know what you need and those that do not aid this are either false or of a lesser sign. This is a definite asset if you never make mistakes in your choices. You should tailor your entourage to your nature, utilising those that find no issue with your assets in order to make advantages wisely. The twins, now Castor and Pollux, immortals by their name, with only that brief moment of separation owing to their different father, Castor, son of Tyndareus of office no higher, king of Sparta, and Pollux, the divine son, unable to suffer the death that visits you but able to wrap his tongue in a way as tempting as sweet flesh, you, seduced already by mortality but unaware of its consequences, to share the gift of immortal life given in the suns of the constellation Gemini, now joined, the self love of act and form given before your birth and ignited in the confidence of your sign.

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