The interaction between The Tall Man and The Horse Girl. The two other women are very much involved but become lost in the throng. The Tall Man grabbing The Horse Girl by the shoulders and neck, pulling her away from the crowd. Her resistance, The Tall Man pulling her to the ground. The two subjects collapsing around each other. The horror on the faces’ of the passers by. The scream of the eldest woman. The scream from the eldest woman that causes no sudden alarm, the scream that develops from the barrage of words thrown over the eldest daughter, a gradually rising shriek of which those on the intersection have become used to in the preceding minutes. The Tall Man and his wordless interruption, the shriek of the eldest woman, shouts from passers by, the look of what is almost complacency on The Horse Girl’s face, of elation almost, her eyes wide, mouth aghast, her face showing extreme deference, the burden of the three women’s mutual lives all unbalanced.

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