The older of the three women, the mother of The Horse Girl, shouting at the child, waiting to cross the intersection, stood ahead of the bus stop closest to the intersection. The Horse Girl’s complete passivity: their conversation externalising her illness to such a degree that all three women share in its meaning. The illness as an entire chorus climbing The Horse Girl’s back and the mucus the three women share.

The Horse Girl as the surrogate for the slow demise of the gang. All three women’s lives connected deep enough that there is no longer any thought of that small part of the character of a person from which the chorus was born, that which cannot be touched by familiarity or circumstance, that which reads every habit in its environment, that which doesn't care about the distance travelled, the transactions made and the sequence of the events, that which in The Tall Man carried himself forward to extend his palms onto the soft hide of The Horse Girl.

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