Earth qualities are under represented in your chart, with only zero point zero zero per cent instead of the average twenty five per cent. Deficiency in earth may indicate you have no interest in matter and other minds’ reception of it. You are confident your self love is formless, not to be antiquated, a mother of all time who is goodness itself, perfect and infinite, not to be altered by outside forces, a love as pure as a cradle of arms, as honest as an act of perfection, of being held by ones own arms, loved by ‘feeling’. It is likely your heart lives too much in your mind, which may explain your oxen behaviour. The fact remains you end up in tricky situations due to the combination of sensory input and your, later, confidence in forethought: material life is unavoidable even if you are rather idealistic, dreamy, or expressively content. You must tackle matter as easy as it is to let it drift out of site into the plain ocean, at least for fear of being forced to cope with it later, and unknown to others are the actions you didn’t commit.

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