The eldest daughter is The Horse Girl. She is also a sickly type but is not named in this way. She is described as strong, proud and graceful. None communicate with her regarding these characteristics though they are readily given to her. She is watched like a horse is watched, its muscle and potential strength. Not to be interfered with, but as an analogous symbol of how one should conduct their life. There are structures in the manner of her being that many have found helpful.

The Horse Girl is not alone and lives with her mother and sister. Their housing is made up of two bedrooms (bathroom and kitchen) and one main room, the two sisters alternating which sleeps in the bedroom and which sleeps in the main room, dependent on the relative health of each of the sisters. The Horse Girl is often sick although there is no clear reason for this sickness. Of the three women mentioned two need aids in order to walk. The third, the sister of The Horse Girl, is much smaller and although she needs no aids it is fortuitous that her closest companions are also affected by limited mobility. Read are the ties of family, additionally the three women are each other’s closest companions. They use a refined language that has been exercised to maximise efficiency. It has been many years since any of the harsh, judgemental or curt attitudes of the women have seriously or explicitly affected one another. Their medical ailments have normalised their ageing, they communicate without feeling the need for mutual gain. The seriousness of their medical conditions varies but sharing such intimate spaces each has had their own contemplation of mortality hastened to a plateau and nullified by the guilt and judgement of one another’s condition. They are three shades of a similar character.

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