Cause ii

The Tall Man unable to bear the talking any longer, unable to hear it above all else, unable to separate any figures by this point, walked with determination to the group of three women. ‘Oh please’, ‘Fucking’, ‘I don’t know’, ‘What’, mumbled. A confidence or drunkenness among the onlookers. He put his hands on the eldest daughter and her shoulders were soft. She wore a red cotton t-shirt, a deep V to her chest, the sleeves short, his fingers touched her skin and sunk to her shoulders. She turned, looked at him through glasses warped by reflections from the sun and above the glasses where her eyes were a brown/grey, his brown, both brown. The eldest daughter stumbled and The Tall Man attempted to catch her. He fell onto his calves and thighs and supported her weight as she stumbled backwards onto him. The youngest woman watching the fall, the eldest, arms both outreaching, raised to the sky, and other arms in the area responding similarly. The scene visible from a distance. As above for the sound of peoples' voices.

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