This place so deep beneath that no sight of heaven would dare touch it. They are unconscious in the garden, beneath the trees we left them with, and will be for some time. They seem peaceful and we have left her out of direct sunlight. When they wake up they ask no questions.

Those of the tallest race take them by the hand and lead them to places that remind her of a type of mother she once had. After all they have been looking for an extraordinarily long time, all things considered. It has been an unusual request, but spurred on by a desire never felt before by them, so they choose to follow it. It’s been interesting.

They are taken by the hand to the central room though they seem comfortable walking on their own, they seem to enjoy the company. The guest does not gasp or fall in awe but simply approaches and asks some questions for the first time in a long time.

The questions are sharp, they show some understanding of the events that have lead to this point and a grasp of the correct things to question, we are all glad to be spared of frivolity. Unfortunately things in the womb today aren’t so courteous and the child isn’t in the best of spirits. The guest’s questions get some terse answers (a question regarding location is laughed at, so too one regarding dreaming - when you think that is rain on your face it is the harmony, semen of the angels wishing to drown you, you were brought deep into the earth after this turned the ground to mud and slurry, deep here to its womb). Quickly the foetus tires and exclaims it has grown bored and wishes to be left alone, it has things to do, plans to make, and can literally feel themselves ageing. 'Suffering is the greatest teacher, but begets the worst students'

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