The axis linking you first house, this side of the cup, with the seventh house, this side of the cup – the descendent, depressed and unwilling despite love guiding the Piscean nature close to its twin (the descendent an obtuse bulge) – divides the zodiac into its two parts, the superior in the north and the inferior in the south. Despite your occasional flirtations with beginningless, after having loved what is formless, you give up your earthly duties, your responsibility to the uneducated, and set fire to the straw on which you make your bed. This can be said to be due to the northern bowl, ‘being’. The northern house is dominant in your sign and can often obscure that of the southern. Your actions, as perfect as they be subsume all other acts as impressions placed on the rigidity of the northern hemisphere. You then know all ‘doing’, in your perfect form, as trespasses.

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