She was selling climate-gear, this was not an uncommon practice. People needed to make money and these were items that people needed. And the deal was marginally better than most, that also drew people in. But it was that she was beautiful that made sure that people remembered her. There was an air around her that these people had not seen before.

She was calm and collected, almost at a distance from the world around her. This should not have been a great sales pitch but almost every person on the street opened their door to her.

Her age was difficult to discern but all would class her as a child. Aloof and a little shy she nonetheless made sales at the majority of houses she visited. Some worried, her stomach rotund there was speculation she was pregnant.
Later, some questions left unanswered, and a waxy residue left on the fingers of several residents, the jackets turned out to be fake. They could afford them, the people on this street, but it was the demeanour of the girl that brought on the inquisitiveness to find out who/where she was.

The people of the street gathered for a meeting about the girl, such was their interest, and decided that a group effort would be the procedure most likely to come up with results. They decided amongst themselves that if anything were to happen they would all be tacit in this responsibility.

They began to speak to other people, down from the area in which they lived. Some were shocked by their visits, it was not often that meetings between two of these people were held, and they marvelled at the tallness of these people and worried about holding their tongue lest they offend them.

The girl was saving for something, though no one could understand what it could be. Some presumed it was for her family but no information could be found as to who this could be. It was at this point the suggestion of pregnancy was again brought up, and many of the people worried and went to check their calendars.

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